Katelynn E. Carver is a writer, an artist, a comic nerd, and slightly obsessive about tea. She is a doctoral researcher at the University of St Andrews, working at the intersection of the humanities and the sciences with particular interests in process-relational thought, theopoetics, literary theory, meaning-making, non-traditional and secular spirituality, cultural studies, neuropsychology, and human violence in its perpetration, impact, and recovery. She is currently a Contributing Scholar at State of Formation. Her academic portfolio can be found here.

Katelynn works extensively as an academic consultant, specializing in working with international and non-traditional students to provide guidance and support in the form of subject tutoring, admissions consultation, writing and essay coaching, and discernment counseling. She has also served as an editor for a number of publications, including Cult/ure: The Graduate Journal of Harvard Divinity School and ConSpiracies: Breathing Together the Breath of LifeHer professional portfolio can be found here.

She loves to cook, paint (particularly when it involves throwing it madly, Jackson Pollock-style), travel, and enjoy as much live music as possible. She also has a collection of Converse Chuck Taylors in nearly every color in the rainbow, of which she is particularly proud.

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